Guidelines for Republishing Content

So you want to republish a piece of content from Authority Diet? First off, thanks! I love it when people want to share my stuff.

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If you are the author and would like to reuse or repurpose the article, I ask that you abide by the Content Attribution Policy below. In addition, please do the following:

Include the canonical tag to the article, so Authority Diet is noted as the source: <link rel='canonical' href='URL OF BLOG POST ON AUTHORITYDIET.COM'> (or use an appropriate plugin).

For example, if you want to republish the article

Add this canonical tag:

<link rel='canonical' href=''>

Using the canonical tag protects you and us from duplicate content issues.

Content Attribution Policy

Images: Link to the URL where our original image is stored.

Embedded infographics: Embed the original infographic using the provided embed code.

Article/blog post summaries and print articles: Link to the URL of the original article.

For example, if you want to republish the article

The following can be an attribution:

The source article was originally published on

Questions regarding’s republishing guidelines? Contact us here.

Our articles are licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution/No Derivatives

* Any affiliate links, if any, in the articles can be removed for replublishing. 

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